7 ways to invest in Real Estate in Mombasa

Investment opportunities in Mombasa

Investors and real estate developers are going down to Mombasa and its environs to buy and construct houses. This has sparked the development of homes targeted at the middle-class.

One reason investors are showing interest in Mombasa could be the lower cost of land, compared to Nairobi prices in comparative neighborhoods.

Another explanation is the availability of raw construction materials.

Mombasa and its environs attract many Nairobi middle class who are looking to make extra money through investing in holiday homes for rental purposes.

Real estate is a safer form of investing compared to investing in shares and also brings higher long-term returns than other forms of investment.


Why Invest in Mombasa Real Estate?

The property market in Mombasa is vibrant and relatively safe for investors to safely sink in their hard-earned cash. A lot of neighborhoods have fairly outgoing locals who would be willing to give you information on the authenticity of the land or property you want to invest in. You may have to be ready to part with something small when scouting for property though. 🙂


Real Estate Investment Ideas at the Kenyan Coast


1. Low Income Housing Rental Income Investment

Traditionally, a lot of the low-income populace lives in Swahili Houses, which is a housing structure comprising at least 10 bed-sitters or 10 units sharing communal washrooms. This presents an excellent earning opportunity for passive income, ranging from 2,500 per unit to 6,000, depending on the location.


2. Holiday Homes Investment

Hundreds of Kenyans from all over the country flock the Kenyan Coast during the school holidays for holidays. This has presented an excellent opportunity for holiday rental income. Some of the best neighbourhoods for this kind of investment are Diani, Nyali, Mtwapa, Kilifi, and Vipingo. If you can invest in 2 to 4 bedroomed units, you are well on your way to make some good money.


3. Hotels and Resorts

The Kenyan Coast is very popular as a beach holiday destination. People from all over the country and world take vacations in Diani, Mombasa, Kilifi, Watamu, and Malindi. Do your research, invest in land, to construct a resort/hotel preferably on the beachfront, or 2nd row to the beach.


4. High-Income Homes for Sale or Rentals

The best things about Mombasa are the weather, entertainment spots, and activities, the calming ocean, the general slow-paced environments, wonderful shopping malls, and great food joints. These factors make Mombasa an attractive option for many who are looking for places to migrate to or purchase “second homes” for when they are in the Coastal city. This presents a great opportunity for you to invest in homes for sale or rental income, particularly in Nyali, Shanzu, Diani areas.


5. Entertainment spots

Many people associate Mombasa with partying and good times. If you are interested in running an entertainment joint, club, restaurant, kids’ playground, watersports or any other enjoyment/recreational facility, this is for you.


6. Agricultural Sector

Areas like Kwale, Mtwapa, Kikambala, Kilifi, and Malindi still have large tracks of unsettled land. For an agricultural investor, you can grow fruits, veges, and other types of food. Other common farming activities are poultry and pig farming. The market for those products is both local, regional, and international.


7. Shared working spaces

Coworking spaces are shared working offices where a business owner opts to pay for a desk in an office instead of renting a whole room or rooms for their workers. Furniture, conference room, internet, tea/coffee making facilities are part of the package. Due to high office maintenance costs (licensing, rental, and service charges), many businesses are opting to share office spaces. You can rent out a desk for an hour or 2, a day, or a month or even long term. Shared working spaces are commonly found in Nyali and City Centre area.


Challenges in investing in the Kenyan coast.

As you look forward to investing in Mombasa, look at the following potential pitfalls.

  • Cheap land is in somewhat “remote” areas, such properties are good for long-term returns.
  • Great caution needs to be taken when transacting with locals when purchasing ancestral land. An example is a dubious play where the owner moves away to an undisclosed location after selling you his land and “dies” before the transaction is concluded, and thereafter the land will be locked in letters of administration battles.
  • Security is a challenge in some areas. Find out before you invest so you can be prepared.
  • Squatters sometimes supported by local politicians can take over your land if you leave it idle for long periods of time. Develop any land you purchase.


These challenges should not prevent you from making your move to invest in Mombasa. If you are risk-averse, acquire your land from real estate companies and developers who have already done the “dirty work”. If buying through an agent, ensure they are reputable and legit.

Looking for ideas on investment opportunities? Consider the following properties for sale:

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