What Covid-19 means for real estate sector in Kenya

Covid-19 came just when the real estate sector was beginning picking up after a 2-year slump. It has brought with it a change in a lot of dynamics of how people conduct businesses. The coronavirus has brought with it many changes, and every other day could alter our outlook. Many businesses are now transacting online […]

7 ways to invest in Real Estate in Mombasa

Investors and real estate developers are going down to Mombasa and its environs to buy and construct houses. This has sparked the development of homes targeted at the middle-class. One reason investors are showing interest in Mombasa could be the lower cost of land, compared to Nairobi prices in comparative neighborhoods. Another explanation is the […]

Questions to Ask Before Renting a Home or Apartment

When you are considering a place to rent, it is wonderful to get an ideal space that you can turn an apartment for rent to a home in the medium to long term. Choosing which house or apartment to rent is an emotional decision that you should not compromise on.  You can only relax if […]

Get rid of habits that can make you poor

What is the secret to ditching poverty for riches and success?  The gulf between the rich and the poor keeps widening despite everybody’s desire to become wealthy quickly. It is, therefore, essential you know things that poor people do that the rich don’t. Practicing poor habits continuously sinks you deeper into poverty. Nevertheless, you can […]

How to Invest in Real Estate

So you finally decided to invest in real estate, but you are unsure how to go about it? Keep reading. While investing in real estate is both satisfying and profitable, the level of success in such ventures pegs on different factors. Such factors comprise your level of expertise, the time you will dedicate to the […]

How to increase bookings in your vacation rental

Are you a new vacation rental owner? Or you may be an existing owner, but are not getting a steady trickle of reservations. Vacation rental business is very competitive. To stand out, you need to do more than just acquiring an apartment or house, furnishing it, uploading on one or two listings sites, and waiting […]

How to raise money for deposit on your first house

For many of us, owning a home would be a dream come true. It is mostly a dream because the costs of buying a house are huge, especially buying one in a “good neighbourhood”.  Despite those challenges, it is very possible to get the process going and achieving your dreams of owning your own home. […]

Financial Advice I Would Give A Twenty-Five-Year-Old

Many of us have young siblings, sons and /or daughters, and we sometimes get nervous as we watch them grow, fearing for them, what life might bring to their tables.   When you come to think of it well, you will find out that you worry for nothing.  All you have to do is to rightly […]

7 Hidden Costs Often Missing From Building Quotes

Whether it is constructing a new house, or getting it renovated, it always comes as a new process for many people. It takes a lot of preparations to construct a building. Choosing a builder is one thing, getting the perfect one for your construction is another. It is essential that you understand the knowledge of […]

Should I buy a piece of Land or a Car? The Urban Dwellers Enigma

The question of owning a car vs owning land is a constant problem that every urban dweller has to haggle about at some point in his/ her life. If you are having a hard time worrying over whether to buy a car that will get you to work and probably elevate your status, or whether […]

Top Online Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Are you looking for ways to market your real estate properties online? More and more property buyers and investors are turning to the internet to look for potential properties to invest in. Marketing properties online is also getting more and more competitive. It is therefore important to use the right strategies to target the right […]

Avoid Being Conned: 9 Easy Steps to Verify Land in Kenya

In Kenya, there are three significant steps involved in purchasing land.  In the news, you hear or read about stories where some Kenyans have lost a lot to conmen and con-women in the process of acquiring land. The sad side of the story is that these Kenyans lose their hard earned money just because of […]

Questions to Ask Real Estate Developers

There are as big risks in real estate investments as there are rewards. Investing in real estate often comprises of big decisions that involve a huge commitment and is therefore not a matter to take lightly. Real estate investing, just like any other industry, has its own contentious segments that cause confusion and uncertainty in […]

Choosing between Investing in Land and Housing in Kenya

Which one is More Lucrative? As times change and priorities change in the course of time, the question of owning a real estate property is seemingly becoming harder to answer. Land has been the prime commodity in real estate investment for a long time. However, focus is slowly shifting in the real estate spectrum and […]

Home Insurance in Kenya

Have you bought a home? Or maybe you are renting one. Either way, you are may have acquired a lot of household goods over the years. All these can be lost in one fire, burglary, disaster, etc. This is what is called risk. You may not always be able to prevent an unfortunate incident, but you […]

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