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What is the secret to ditching poverty for riches and success?  The gulf between the rich and the poor keeps widening despite everybody’s desire to become wealthy quickly. It is, therefore, essential you know things that poor people do that the rich don’t.

Practicing poor habits continuously sinks you deeper into poverty. Nevertheless, you can easily adapt rich habits and soon be on your way to success.

Wealth creation calls for commitment, sacrifice, consistency, taking of risks, etc. attributes which the poor do not possess or are not willing to commit to.

So, what are the things that poor people do that the rich don’t?


  1. Poor People Watch TV While the Rich Read Books

Ask any poor person the last title of a book they read and when they read it and you will notice a poor reading culture. Instead of spending time with books, they opt to bury themselves in endless TV programs from which they glean very little if anything.

The rich on the other hand, swear by books. No, not just any that comes their way but well-selected titles that align to their goals. Warren Buffet, for example, the third richest man globally aims to read 500 pages daily.

Make a better version of yourself today by letting go of your TV and invest more time in books. Some of the best reads include: ‘The Rich Man in Babylon’, ‘Rich Dad: Poor Dad’, and The Millionaire Next Door’.

  1. The Poor have a “Know-it-all” Mentality: The Rich Are Open To Learning

The poor always have an opinion about all things even those outside their sphere of influence.  The “Know-it-all” mentality prevents self-improvement thus hindering progress in wealth creation.

Unlike their counterparts, wealthy individuals are constantly learning, setting new challenges, subscribing to new courses and asking relevant questions to influential persons to increase their knowledge.

To change the world around you, change yourself first. While the magnate is busy learning and implementing the lessons, the needy try to change the world with empty talk.  Worldly systems fast outwit the poor because of their failure to learn and improve.


  1. The Poor Blame Others: The Rich Take responsibility For Their action

It is everybody else’s fault that they are poor but themselves. Ask why they are you poor and they will blame the government, the economy, their parents who did not leave them good fortunes, the boss, etc but the poverty-stricken will not admit it’s their fault.

We all make mistakes.

But the prudent thing to do is learn from our failures.

The inability to acknowledge their wrongs deprives the poor of an opportunity to learn money earning and management skills thus losing potential income sources.

The rich are fast to take responsibility for their actions. From these mistakes, they learn to take calculated risks on investment opportunities which rake good returns.


  1. Poor People are paid for their Time: The Rich are Paid Based on Result

Name any big company and you will see an innovator who is result based. The rich birth a business idea and take all the risks to establish and manage a successful business.

Wealthy people create new products and services to solve customers’ problems in return for profits worth millions and billions. Apart from keeping the profits to themselves, they take pride in the final products and the satisfaction thereof.

Later, the rich hire the poor to take up roles which they dislike.

The poor get blamed for business’ underperformance, risks lay-offs, and toil all day living life on the edge in return for meager pay.

Make bold steps today towards financial freedom.


  1. Poor People Save While the Rich Invest

Where do you get the money to save when you can hardly afford basic needs?  As Dan Lok, a sales coach and a renowned consultant would say, you do not have a saving problem but an income problem.

The rich invest their resources to create new streams of income while the poor save the little they have to spend in the future.

Saving is not a bad idea altogether, you need it for your investment on a rainy day.

Money saved is money that does not grow.

To grow your wealth, shop around for viable investment opportunities and channel your savings there.


  1. Poor People Believe Money is The Root of All Evil: The Rich Believe Poverty Is the Root of All Evil

When the poor want to justify their laziness and laxity to pursue dreams, they say money is the root of all evil yet they keep chasing the money.

Poverty comes with the loss of dignity, lack of privileges like traveling the world to grow your mental capacity.

Wearing tattered clothes in the rich peoples’ estate may prompt them to call the police on you because who knows, you may steal from them.

Money in itself is neutral and is a tool to achieve significant milestones.

Lack of it can also reduce you to a petty thief, liar, and lawbreaker just to survive.


  1. Poor people have a Gambler’s mentality: The Rich Make Things Happen

The destitute dreams of a day when they will win the lottery or meet someone who will make their poverty disappear in an instant. However, if reality checks in they catch themselves in the murky waters of debts, lack, and extreme poverty.

Instead of wishing for success, the rich have a plan of where they want to be and the steps to get there. The moneyed men take control of their lives and stop at nothing but success.



Are you rich or poor and what habits are holding you from breaking into the wealthy camp? Instead of leaving your life to chance, take control today. Know what you want with your life, acquire the right money mindset read widely, seek experts’ guidance, arm yourself with a fighter’s spirit, and invest your money for higher returns and comfortable living.


Any other habits that you can add to this list? Share on the comments below.

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