Home Insurance in Kenya

Home Insurance in Kenya

Have you bought a home? Or maybe you are renting one. Either way, you are may have acquired a lot of household goods over the years.

All these can be lost in one fire, burglary, disaster, etc.

This is what is called risk.

You may not always be able to prevent an unfortunate incident, but you can control how far back you will be offset by it. Through buying a home insurance policy, you can recover what you lost and restore your life to almost the way it was.

Types of home insurance.

Expect to be protected against unexpected losses and natural disasters, as follows:

  • Damage to the property or buildings
  • Loss or damage of the content and personal possessions in your home


It is generally a better idea to combine the two types in one policy since it will end up being cheaper in the long run.

Standard homeowners insurance cover:

  • Building structure coverage – renovation and remodeling of your home if damaged or destroyed by natural disasters like storms, fire as mentioned in your policy. What is not covered are disasters from flooding, earthquakes, natural aging
  • Personal possessions coverage – Assets such as electronic equipment, furniture, sports gear, kitchen equipment, and other insurables, against destruction, by hurricanes, theft, fired and other insured disasters, up to 70 – 80% of your home.
  • Age of the property – Older homes are likely to cost more to insure. Reconstruction costs, cost of fittings and fixtures are important to consider if you are buying an old home
  • Roofing – A dilapidated roof is not usually accepted by insurers. If roof is constructed using fireproof materials, you may qualify for a discount
  • Living expenses in a temporary house if the disaster happens in your home.


Ensure you check with your insurer the details before signing a contract.

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