How to be Successful as a Real Estate Agent in Kenya

You are energetic, hopeful, and keen to succeed as a Real estate agent in Kenya. But how can you compete favorably with the big boys and girls?

By following these proven steps to success, you too can make it big in the real estate market in Kenya.

Get Registered

To ensure the protection of the public, Estate Agents Act, 1984 Cap 533, operationalized in 1987, provides for the establishment of a regulatory to control estate agency practice in Kenya, namely the Estate Agents Registration Board (EARB). The board has the responsibility of registering, ensuring the conduct and competence of estate agents. Urbanization and housing are vital to cultural, political, and social-economic development in Kenya. The Kenya Vision 2030 explains the importance of Kenya’s growth by giving special attention to urbanization, housing, and the value of land reforms.

How Do I start the estate agency?

To succeed in the real agency industry it needs dedication and time. Some people want to venture into real estate, buy property, and to rent houses. The agents go out to potential clients to market and promote themselves. Follow-ups are necessary to make sales.

After getting licensed, write your goals down. To witness your investment company’s success and longevity, it deserves to be treated like the business it is.  Run it the way you would run any other small business. You must be ready to go that extra mile to stay afloat in the competitive real estate industry. It is changing now and then, and the agents and investors must have what it takes to keep the business a going concern.

The small business systems approach is one of the best ways to go. You uplift your life and the lives of your clients, both current and future. Technology is changing so fast, bringing with it the latest trends. Without moving with technology, you will not succeed in the market. You waste your time, and your customers can’t get what they need.

How Successful Agents Do It

Create a Marketing Plan

An automated marketing campaign process takes you far ahead. Let every customer have a personalized experience. To have a big customer base, use both manuals and technology techniques, and properly define your target audience. Establish the strategy that works for you best and repeat it over several mediums. Have quality content for direct mails and social media posts. Think broadly and continue improving your efficiency.

Be an Expert

The Internet provides all the information that a potential client needs. All the answers to the client’s questions are available at the click of a button. Ask yourself as a realtor, what do I have to offer to my clients that the Internet does not have? The answer is expertise. The Internet cannot provide experience to a client. You can only do this by being an expert in the real estate market and be updated with the current news.

Set Goals

Set out your goals and have them written down. In your everyday business, have a goal setting. Plans help you to measure and track your progress and remain competitive. The goals should be time-bound, realistic, specific, actionable, and measurable. Well set goals is a sure way to succeed.

Never Turn Down a Deal

Some transactions might be minimal with tiny returns, but you should never turn them down. That buyer or seller who brings you a small transaction today might turn out to be a great client in the future or end up giving you some good referrals.


Availability is precious in this industry. Give every client undivided attention. Always be there for the client. Always answer the client’s phone. At times they only have a small problem which cannot take more than five minutes. By doing so, you are sure of future recommendations. Alternatively, ask your client the mode of communication they are most comfortable with, such as emails, phone calls, or texts.

Master Media Relations

Don’t look at reporters from the angle of hunting for stories. Tell them about your estate agency, and they will help spread the word far and wide for you. Somebody will get their word and turn out to be a potential customer.

Establish Good Relationships

Go an extra mile in every transaction every time. Build strong customer relationships. Listen to the specific individual needs and deliver accordingly. Be prepared to work late nights for your schedule could be fully occupied at all times. If you focus on your time and only think about your financial gains, you won’t recognize your client’s needs.

Work more of a mentor and guide rather than being sales oriented. By doing this, you keep your clients happy. Maintain good connections with your past clients and referral sources. Keep in touch with your clients and thank them for doing business with you. It makes them feel appreciated.

Take Clear Pictures

A clear picture will get the attention of a potential client when looking for your listings online. Phones have good cameras that can take clear pictures. Take various images and choose the best to show the client.

Use the Strategies of a Small Business

Small businesses are often structured, and they give priority to customer’s needs. They do this by creating defined strategies, clearly established goals with action plans, and follow strict processes. Always have new techniques, test them out, and retain what works best for you.

Master Social Media

Work with a web developer to build a website that ranks high from online search results. In the long run, a website is cost-effective and creates a sustainable online marketing plan. A potential client can quickly get your information and act on it.

Social media helps you move with fast-growing technology. Some right platforms that are sure to see you succeed are twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook. These platforms provide a great marketing site. Millions of social media users get your information from your newsfeed or through a paid ad campaign. They offer good sites to link up with other professionals in your industry. It’s from these sites that can be sure of getting potential clients.

As a real estate agent, concentrate on marketing yourself. It is expensive and consumes time, but will bring success. The main aim is to get clients. With the right strategies, there are potential clients.



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    Kenyan mostly people they want a plot with papers especially MSA region a plot without title deed its hard to market it please help me with ideas


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