How to be rich

Get rid of habits that can make you poor

What is the secret to ditching poverty for riches and success?  The gulf between the rich and the poor keeps widening despite everybody's desire to become wealthy quickly. It is, therefore, essential you know things that poor people do that the rich don’t. Practicing poor habits continuously sinks you deeper into poverty. Nevertheless, you can easily adapt rich habits and soon be on your way to...

Increase bookings in vacation rentals

How to increase bookings in your vacation rental

Are you a new vacation rental owner? Or you may be an existing owner, but are not getting a steady trickle of reservations. Vacation rental business is very competitive. To stand out, you need to do more than just acquiring an apartment or house, furnishing it, uploading on one or two listings sites, and waiting for the inquiries to flood in. Here are some tips to increase your bookings and...

Construction in Kenya

Questions to Ask Real Estate Developers

There are as big risks in real estate investments as there are rewards. Investing in real estate often comprises of big decisions that involve a huge commitment and is therefore not a matter to take lightly. Real estate investing, just like any other industry, has its own contentious segments that cause confusion and uncertainty in people interested in investing.   It is important for you to...

Investing in Real Estate

How to be a Successful Real Estate Investor

Real estate investment is potentially one of the most rewarding ventures you can engage in. It can enable you to work for yourself, enjoy flexible hours and make passive income.  Investing in real estate, however, does not guarantee success and there are many risks involved. It is also not always that easy to implement and execute.   You must think like an entrepreneur or investor and remove...

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