Construction Costs in Kenya

7 Hidden Costs Often Missing From Building Quotes

Whether it is constructing a new house, or getting it renovated, it always comes as a new process for many people. It takes a lot of preparations to construct a building. Choosing a builder is one thing, getting the perfect one for your construction is another. It is essential that you understand the knowledge of the process involved in construction. Otherwise, some builders can take advantage of your...

Home Renovation

Factors to consider before you renovate your home

You have bought your home and lived in for several years. The first time you bought it, it was likely to be an exciting moment for you. It felt better than great to live in your own home that you can call yours. After some time, you may find that your home no longer feels so perfect and you wonder what you can do. Maybe you have at least one thing that you wish was different in your house. For some,...

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