What Covid-19 means for real estate sector in Kenya

Covid-19 came just when the real estate sector was beginning picking up after a 2-year slump. It has brought with it a change in a lot of dynamics of how people conduct businesses. The coronavirus has brought with it many changes, and every other day could alter our outlook. Many businesses are now transacting online as people turn to the internet for their purchases. What does Covid-19 mean for the...

Investment opportunities in Mombasa

7 ways to invest in Real Estate in Mombasa

Investors and real estate developers are going down to Mombasa and its environs to buy and construct houses. This has sparked the development of homes targeted at the middle-class. One reason investors are showing interest in Mombasa could be the lower cost of land, compared to Nairobi prices in comparative neighborhoods. Another explanation is the availability of raw construction...

How to Invest in Real Estate

So you finally decided to invest in real estate, but you are unsure how to go about it? Keep reading. While investing in real estate is both satisfying and profitable, the level of success in such ventures pegs on different factors. Such factors comprise your level of expertise, the time you will dedicate to the business and your risk tolerance levels: calculated risk tolerance attracts...

Financial advice

Financial Advice I Would Give A Twenty-Five-Year-Old

Many of us have young siblings, sons and /or daughters, and we sometimes get nervous as we watch them grow, fearing for them, what life might bring to their tables.   When you come to think of it well, you will find out that you worry for nothing.  All you have to do is to rightly advice your child, let them know what may be ahead of them, and leave the rest to God. At the age of twenty-five, many...

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