To buy a car or land

Should I buy a piece of Land or a Car? The Urban Dwellers Enigma

The question of owning a car vs owning land is a constant problem that every urban dweller has to haggle about at some point in his/ her life. If you are having a hard time worrying over whether to buy a car that will get you to work and probably elevate your status, or whether to invest in a piece of land for future’s sake, then this article is for you. We take an in-depth look at how you can consider...

Land for Sale in Kenya

Avoid Being Conned: 9 Easy Steps to Verify Land in Kenya

In Kenya, there are three significant steps involved in purchasing land.  In the news, you hear or read about stories where some Kenyans have lost a lot to conmen and con-women in the process of acquiring land. The sad side of the story is that these Kenyans lose their hard earned money just because of ignorance regarding land transacting matter.   As you put plans to oblige your money on...

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