Safety while buying on

  • When dealing with a new client/agent, let the first meeting be in your office or a public place. Get a copy of their ID
  • If you have to meet them at the property, call your office and let them know where you are, how long you expect to be there and the identity of the person you are meeting
  • Trust your gut. Feel free to cancel or leave the property anytime you feel unsafe.
  • Avoid going for a viewing alone
  • Do not enter into a strangers car to drive to the venue. Use your own means
  • Carry a safety alarm or pepper spray
  • If the deal is too good, think twice. Get to investigate why the price is too low.
  • Do not do transactions without due diligence.
  • Use your own lawyer as well when purchasing the property

If you encounter a fraudster or scammer, contact us

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