8 Top Online Marketing Ideas for Real Estate

Selling Property Online

Are you looking for ways to market your real estate property online? Property buyers and investors are turning to the internet to look for real estate to invest in. Marketing property online is also getting more competitive. Many real estate sellers are going online to look for customers.

Below are grand strategies for real estate agents and sellers that reinforce your online sales:

1. Create Valuable Content

Remember, your focus should be on clients in the market to buy or sell homes. But what can you do the period between the time your customer buys another property? Share informative content that applies to prospective clients outside the market. Information like property investment opportunities, trends, pricing, and property news is useful to potential investors. It can significantly expose you to potential clients.

When you regularly do this, they may remember you when they are ready to make a move.

2. Send Newsletters To Previous Clients

As a real estate seller, your past clients are vital. Always stay in touch with them. Many people don’t buy property regularly, but whenever they want to, you want to be the agent they look for. Send email newsletters frequently; they should hold important data that is helpful. This can make them remember you whenever they need help again.

Picking a phone and calling or texting your clients to thank them for business is good practice. You can do this a few days, months, or years after the previous business.

3. Upgrade The Quality Of Your Photos

There is a big difference between high-quality photography and a rushed snap. If you are in search of a new home yet your photos are blurry, grainy and at weird angles, the home may not make a right and positive impression.

There are utterly no lame excuses for poor quality photography in your advertising portfolio. If your phone has a clear camera, you don’t have to buy a camera or hire professionals; you can even edit on your phone, using editing apps. However, take your time and make clear quality images before posting to your listing. For clear photos, use natural light. A prospective client may notice and appreciate it.

4. Actively Post on Social Media

As everyone else uses social media to display their lives, you, as a real estate agent, should be using these channels to nurture your businesses.  Do you know where your clients and prospects are? Online. Facebook alone has over 2 billion active users.

Do not make a mistake of posting only property listings. Think about those who are not in positions to buy a property at the moment.  What you should do instead, is to post some rich content as we discussed before, and share on these social media platforms.  Encourage people to give their opinions and respond appropriately when they do.

5. List on Property Listing Websites

Depending on where your target market is located, consider listing in local property listing websites, forums, and Facebook groups. Some are free, while others offered paid listing packages. If you can, pay for listing packages at least for 3 months. You can look at spending a percentage of expected commission. This will increase your chances of selling your property while giving you more leads for your customer database, and you can contact them repeatedly with different offers.


6. Build an Online Brand

Building a brand online is one of the easiest things to do nowadays. Decide on a persona you want to have. How do you want internet viewers to perceive you? Or what perception do you want to create about yourself? You could be the financial advisor, the counselor, the fun loving person or the motivator. The good thing about the internet is that you can recreate yourself to be that person you’ve always wanted to be.

Once you have decided on a persona, dress up and take photos that portray what you’ve decided. Take regular photos of your self in various poses and upload on your social media profiles. Add some content that relates to who you want to be online, whether financial tips, family, etc.

As you build your online brand, don’t forget that your end game is to make more sales. Balance your posts accordingly.

7. Add Live Chat on Your Website

If you are using a website, it is likely that you are expecting to generate web traffic. So, what if a possible client visits your site?  It is essential that you avail yourself when prospects need you.  The most convenient way to do this is by adding a live chat to your website. That way, you will be available 24/7. In matters conversation on the website, live chat is the best marketing tool.  Those who visit your website can be able to ask any question and receive answers instantly.

Live chats also make the user experience stronger.

8. Market your Properties Online using Sponsored Advertising

If you do not already have a real estate website, get a website as soon as possible.

If you have a website, you need to budget for sponsored advertising, so that you can increase your chances of selling your properties. Particularly if you have a sweet deal, which is attractive to potential customers. The money you spend on advertising is not likely to exceed 20% of your expected commission per property.

Both Google and Facebook are suitable for successful sponsored advertising campaigns and often give a good return on investment.

Contact us for affordable property website setup and/or expertly targeted Google or Facebook adverts, guaranteed to increase leads.


In conclusion, for you to kick start your marketing campaigns, the above points are a good starting point to successful online property selling.    A good marketing strategy will help you generate constant traffic of prospects to your business so you can comfortably concentrate on selling property.


Have you tried any of these online marketing ideas? How is it working for you? What is your biggest challenge?


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